What is Living the Real?

You may be asking yourself right about now, what is living the real? Great question! In short, it is about happiness. We can never truly be happy if we are constantly fixated on the next thing in our life. Living the real is about reorienting ourselves toward a life of encounter which is the ability to truly appreciate, learn, and be motivated from living in the present moment. The more we live in the present, the more we will experience meaning and purpose in our life. Unfortunately, we live in a culture which values busyness for busyness sake. The purpose of this website is to offer a comprehensive solution to a problematic cultural phenomena of  busier being better when in reality busier is about being bruised, battered, and broke(n). My very first blog spends a fair amount of time unpacking this theme. Check it out: Toward Living the Real.

The Three Principles of Living the Real

This website is dedicated to the three principles of living a more meaningful, purposeful, effective, creative and joyful life which is nothing other than life in pursuit of living the real. These three principles are:

  • The Ordered Life: This is all about creating adequate and intentional space in life for the purpose of discovering greater meaning and purpose. Without this space, any approach of determining what is essential and most valuable will be ineffective, ruling any organizational systems and strategies we adopt will only further push us to a life of busyness for busyness sake. Please see my post on The Lost Art of Happy Life: The First Step Toward Living the Real. Additional posts about this principle can be read by checking out "The Ordered Life" section of my blog.

  • The Creative Life: This addresses the tendency to live busy but ineffective lives. Once the pursuit of order becomes a daily routine, the potential to live a more creative life becomes a real possibility. This is a life stripped of all things unessential, pursuing a more intentional life by not feeling the burden to be β€œall things to all people.” If you feel as if you are doing more than you have every done before but feel as if you have made no real momentum in life (however you define that), then this area is for you and will be tremendously transformative. As I continue to push out more material on The Creative Life, you will be able to find it easily by checking out "The Creative Life" section of my blog.

  • The Organized Life: Where most people begin, I end. If we are actively and routinely engaging the principles of an ordered life, have spent the time and energy pursue the hard and rewarding work of creating something great in our life, then we are ready to approach the organized life most effectively. The purpose of the organized life is to provide proven systems that empower us to take on the day in such a way that we always feel as if we are the ones driving our day and not the other way around. If constantly feel overwhelmed and out of control, then check out "The Organized Life" section of my blog.