YLR 009: How To Live In The Moment Like An Adult

How To Live In the Moment Like An Adult

Summer 2010

My then girlfriend, now wife, and I decided one Saturday to head to my apartment to work on a number of "todos" that were on my list. We also decided that we would stop at certain time, and reward ourselves with a fun bicycle ride. When the time came for the ride, however, I began to suggest we no longer go on the ride. It just seemed like too much work to get ready for the ride, and there were still so many other things to do. Jan, gently suggested that we remain faithful to what we set out to do and to go on a ride. "Who knows," she said, "It might just be fun." I've played this day in my head over-and-over as I've learned a lot about this time with my now wife. I know, it sounds silly, right? Something this small is worthy of a podcast episode? For me, though, this was a big day and you might just agree if you listen to the end.

Things I Learned

  • Being In The Moment Requires Planning
  • Being In The Moment Is An Activity, Not A State of Being
  • Loyalty To Commitments Means Loyalty to Generosity
  • Trust Is Built Upon Loyalty To Commitments
  • Life In The Moment Is Life Lived Through The Lense of Discovery

One Thing

Spend the next week setting yourself up with aplan for the week, but let go of expectations. That means, no matter where you are at in your day or how much you have NOT finished, you remain faithful to the important stuff (i.e. dates, friends, family, exercise, nutrition, praying, meditatin, journaling, etc.).

But This Requires a System:

  1. A system that allows you to plan your week well and being true to the REAL time available to you.
  2. Have a system that allows you to easily see the todos and events in the upcoming days.
  3. Having a system that can easily and quickly allow you to shift responsbilities to another day so you can remain faithful to the important stuff.