YLR 004: Making More Time for What Matters Most Through Good Habits


Each morning we get up thinking we did not get enough sleep, and we go to bed thinking that we didn't get enough done. We are exhausted on so many levels. In this episode, Matt shares one of the greatest energy drains in life: poorly formed good habits, and too many bad habits.

With some basic understanding on how habits are formed, we can use this information to quickly gain more energy in our life as well as expand our "energy bucket." This means in under three months, we can double and triple our energy levels, giving us more energy to pursue that which matters most in our lives.

Products/Services Mentioned In This Episode

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg - The best book on how habits work and how to cultivate good habits.
  • Omnifocus - The Task Management System I use every day to keep me laser like focused on that which matters most.
  • Momentum - A great application on the Mac and iOS to help motivate you to stay on track with your new habits.
  • Headspace - The meditation app (in my opinion) I love.

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