YLR 003: Protecting Yourself From Wasting 500 Hours on This Growing Time Drain

This week's episode, I talk about how to save your bacon from the real threat of Identity Theft. Identity Theft has become so prevalent that it is no longer about the question about what happens "If" I become a victim of Identity Theft, but rather "when" I become a victim of Identity Theft.

I talk about the two things you need to do this week to keep you from wasting nearly 500 hours on recovering your identity:

  • Purchase Identity Theft Insurance, and preferable from Zander Insurance (click here). This insurance company will do all the heavy lifting for you. Have your Identity stollen the night before your dreamy vacation to Maui? Call Zander then forget about it, and head to Maui!
  • Purchase an application that can securely hold all your online accounts, and provide long, unique and difficult passwords for each account, diminishing the collateral damage if one of your online accounts were compromised.  Click here to an affiliate link that allows you to download 1password for the Mac/PC and here is a link for the iOS application. Highly recommended and this applications is Windows and Android compatible as well.

Life is too short to spending it on urgent and unimportant things like recovering your identity. By taking these small two steps, you now can rest in peace that if anything were to happen, the only effort you need to exert is dialing one number, allowing someone else to do the dirty work. Now go on with your day, and enjoy life. You're welcome!

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