YLR 002: Busyness as a Disease

How many times in the past month have you responded to the question, "How are you doing" with "busy" or something like that? For some reason, we have embraced a culture that prizes busyness. The problem is that we are holding up in high esteem a type of living that is a disease. It destroys our health, relationships, and our capacity to know our very own selves.

In this episode, Matt discusses the real problem with busyness that most people overlook. There are many people who live very active lifestyles yet never equate "busyness" with their work. Rather, they are "living the dream." Matt takes us down a unique perspective that proposes that it is not the work that causes us to be busy, but rather our inability to experience life as we work that is the root of busyness, and thus the disease.

Symptoms that your life is busy either physically or mentally:

  • You feel isolated
  • You have an increased level of suspicion toward others.
  • You feel rejected.
  • You feel replaceable and unimportant.
  • You have higher levels of anxiety, insecurity, and worry.
  • You hide your true self from others often.

The Antidote:

  • Become aware of where exactly your busyness resides through a daily journal, reflecting on your activities and mental well being to see where you were not in the moment.
  • Schedule one activity per day for an hour that is an end to itself (i.e. exercising, meditating, prayer, meeting up with a friend with no agenda, hobbies, etc.).
  • Determine all the urgent unimportant things you are currently doing, finding ways to automate them, freeing you for more important activities.

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