YLR 013: Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Love Greatly


This episode is all about how we can easily waste time and energy in our pursuit of love. If we want to love greatly, we need to strip ourselves of the waste in our life that prevents us from loving and experiencing love the way we were created to love and be loved.


YLR 012: What is Lean Love and Why Should You Work Toward It

About The Episode

In this episode, I talk about how a particular kind of manufacturing/productivity can be applied to love, taking your relationship to the next level by stripping it of waste, leaving room for that which matters most.

Things I Talk About


YLR 011: An Inside Look At My Rockin' Productivity System

About The Episode

This week I get into the nitty gritty of task management.  For the first time, I offer an inside look of years of trial-and-error which has now lead me to my streamlined productivity system and workflow. This is something most people pay to gain access to, and I give it away free. It's because I care!



YLR 010: How To Fail Upward And Look Great Doing It


YLR 009: How To Live In The Moment Like An Adult

How To Live In the Moment Like An Adult

Summer 2010

My then girlfriend, now wife, and I decided one Saturday to head to my apartment to work on a number of "todos" that were on my list. We also decided that we would stop at certain time, and reward ourselves with a fun bicycle ride. When the time came for the ride, however, I began to suggest we no longer go on the ride. It just seemed like too much work to get ready for the ride, and there were still so many other things to do. Jan, gently suggested that we remain faithful to what we set out to do and to go on a ride. "Who knows," she said, "It might just be fun." I've played this day in my head over-and-over as I've learned a lot about this time with my now wife. I know, it sounds silly, right? Something this small is worthy of a podcast episode? For me, though, this was a big day and you might just agree if you listen to the end.

Things I Learned

  • Being In The Moment Requires Planning
  • Being In The Moment Is An Activity, Not A State of Being
  • Loyalty To Commitments Means Loyalty to Generosity
  • Trust Is Built Upon Loyalty To Commitments
  • Life In The Moment Is Life Lived Through The Lense of Discovery

One Thing

Spend the next week setting yourself up with aplan for the week, but let go of expectations. That means, no matter where you are at in your day or how much you have NOT finished, you remain faithful to the important stuff (i.e. dates, friends, family, exercise, nutrition, praying, meditatin, journaling, etc.).

But This Requires a System:

  1. A system that allows you to plan your week well and being true to the REAL time available to you.
  2. Have a system that allows you to easily see the todos and events in the upcoming days.
  3. Having a system that can easily and quickly allow you to shift responsbilities to another day so you can remain faithful to the important stuff.


YLR 008: Eight Tips For A Day Worthy Of Being Called Good

Eight Tips For A Day Worthy of Being Called Good

Do you know for certain that what you are doing today is the best use of your time? If not, here are eight tips to ensure every day is a day worthy of being called good.

  1. Don’t Look At Your List

    You read that right. A todo-list worth doing is a todo-list worth deferring … in the morning that is. Let your first hour of the morning be todo-list free. This time is exclusively reserved for establishing the proper foundation to approach the day. Consider spending time in meditation and/or prayer, journaling, and exercising (Before the Sun, Important Things Get Done). Every morning is an opportunity to embrace the gift of life anew. Life is not about getting stuff done, but rather about leaving the world better off from when it began that morning. *What is the one thing you can do this morning that will leave someone you will encounter feeling as if they are better off for having spent time with you?

  2. Clarity is Key

    Ready, Set, …. Wait, What am I suppose to do? If your todo-list is full of vague cryptic todos, you’re starting out on the wrong foot. Your todo-list should present clear and concrete steps to success. Begin each task with a verb like, “Pay medical bill,” or “Research Audi A4 on Consumer Reports.” Tasks like, “medical bill,” or “Audi A4” give no direction, and without direction the mind will naturally gravitate toward skipping it. The clearer you are with your todos, more likely it will be for you to do them.

  3. Simple is Super

    If you had two tasks on your list, one being to take out the trash, and the other to do your taxes, which one would you most likely choose? While tax evasion is pretty scary, taking out the trash seems more appealing. The reason why we avoid doing things is because the defined action is not concrete enough. Home field advantage is always to the task that requires the least amount of deciphering. To give every task equal weight, ensure every todo is a single step action, relegating multitask todos to projects. Instead of “do taxes,” a better action might be to “Scan all receipts to QuickBooks.” Now this task competes nicely with “Take out the trash.” Heck, I might even do both!

  4. Ready the Resources

    If the task needs any additional resources to be completed, add them to the task itself. If you have to call someone, add the number to the notes section of the todo. If the todo refers to a document, either add the document directly to the note section as an attachment, or give the precise location of the document. Research has shown that if we have to search for anything to finish the task, we will naturally skip it for a less complicated one. By placing all todos on an equal playing field, we have the freedom to choose the best one rather than the simplest one.

  5. Overcoming Optical Overload

    Preparing for your day by looking at a list of 150 todos is like finding inspiration through meditating on your educational loan. It just won’t happen! Simplify your list by filtering it. Defer what can be responsibly deferred to a future date, delegate what you can, delete any old irrelevant tasks, move wish-list todos to a “maybe/someday” list, and group the rest according to contexts. Have an “Office Only” list and “Home Only” list of todos. Consider having a separate list for errands, calls/texts, communications, et cetera. The goal is to break things down into bight-sized pieces to make your list more manageable. After all, what is the point of seeing what I need to do at home when I’m at work? All that does is reduce my focus, making me think of things that are outside of my control. Stay focused, stay clear, stay happy!

  6. Start

    You have a clear, concrete and filtered list. Now what? Start! Rather than aimlessly checking off todos, block off a period of time each day to work on that which is most important to you. Ask the question, “What is the one thing I could do today that would make everything else in my life easier, or unnecessary, and make me happier?” Do not stop until this question is answered concretely with a single action step. Now start! Everything else can wait until later.

  7. Breath and Be Better For It

    Amidst all of this, remember to breath. Take a 15-20 minute break every 60-90 minutes of your work day to remain focused and creative. Get outside and take a short walk if the weather is nice. Connect with co-workers, friends, and family. Meditate, pray, journal. Set an alarm and make sure to stick to these breaks, and know what you are going to do before the break. Do this and you will have greater creativity, more focus, but most importantly you will embrace your humanity. Times of solitude are life-giving but isolation is life-draining. Connect with others regularly, and you will be more connected with yourself. (FOCUS app)

  8. The Prepare Protocol

    To ensure the mornings remain a time of todo free mental and spiritual renewal, plan your tomorrow tonight. Take 15-20 minutes each evening to look over your calendar and todo-list. This is a time to confirm appointments, select the one thing you will work on during your designated block of time, and to simplify your list to a more management size. Your tomorrow is now ready to work for you rather than you having to work for it!

Good luck and here’s to a day worthy of being called “good.”

Share the Wealth

YLR 007: Why A Todo List Matters for EVERYONE

This week Matt discusses why a task management system is indispensable for living the most real life possible. Matt firmly believes that there is no way to live an intentional, authentic, connected, and effective life without having an system in place to hold all your todos, AND that provides a framework for you to have laser like focus.

This episode is the first of a series that will take the Your Life Reconsidered community step-by-step toward harnessing a todo list that truly provides the framework necessary to move the needle forward in your life. No more looking back at each year wondering how time flew by, and how what you hoped for never came to be. Don't wait until January 1st to make another failed New Year's resolution. Change your life now, one reconsideration at a time!

YLR 006: Why Having More Disturbance In Your Life Is A Good Thing

I have seen a lot of people lacking direction over the past nine years as I work with college students at the University of Colorado Boulder. It has only been recently, however, that I've begun to pick up common characteristics among these individuals who seem to be drifting through their university years. What I've noticed is that they are lacking the right proportionate of "disturbance" in their lives. Either these drifting individuals stay within their comfort zones all four (or five or six) years in college, holding on for dear life with the dream that their major will pave their future for them, or they numb themselves from the pain of personal disaster by living a dangerously idle life.

If we want to maximize our greatest potential, we need a healthy balance of leisure (more in episode 005 about leisure) and disturbance in our lives. Taking a lesson from our ecosystem, biodiversity depends on small natural disturbances for flourishing (i.e. lightening strikes within a forest to make room for new species). Of course, when disturbance turns to disaster, that too can prevent life from flourishing (i.e. a lightning strike that ends up wiping out an entire forest). If we want to live the most effective, productive, creative, joyful, and connected life possible, we need to safeguard our life from disaster, and lean into opportunities of disturbance.

  • Mindset by Carol Dweck - One of the most groundbreaking books in modern psychology, Dr. Dweck reveals the two fundamental mindset types we all wrestle with to one extent or another. This book will completely change the way you see yourself, and provide the encouragement and skills to build a more robust "growth mindset" propelling you toward achieving your greatest potential (and ridding yourself of the anxiety and worry along the way). A must read in general, and a necessary read for anyone who has children or wants to have family someday.
  • Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg - An indispensable book for anyone feeling as if they are simply too busy to make the impact they want to in life. Duhigg does a fantastic job of unearthing the best principles gleaned from the most success people and companies in the world. Want to achieve your greatest potential in life, and made an enduring positive impact in the world? It is possible but it does not come automatically. These principles will take you to this destination, but it is easier read than done, so get started now! 
  • The Now Habit: A Strategic Plan for Overcoming Procrastination, and Enjoying Guilt Free Play by Neil Fiore - This book taught the principle of the "unschedule" which is all about scheduling the most important things your life first before all the unimportant things take control of your calendar. This principle alone has been a life-saver in having my day work for me rather than me working for my day. Great book and great read!

YLR 005: What You Know About Leisure Is Completely Wrong And Hurting You

In this episode, Matt Boettger talks about how a leisure is the foundation for the most intentional and authentically happy life possible. Unfortunately, most of us have a misguided idea what leisure is, and so we reduce it to idleness.  Lost, drifting, or feeling disconnected or uncommitted? Now is the time to re-structure your life around genuine leisure. How's that for a solution? Matt will show you in one easy, life changing step.

YLR 004: Making More Time for What Matters Most Through Good Habits


Each morning we get up thinking we did not get enough sleep, and we go to bed thinking that we didn't get enough done. We are exhausted on so many levels. In this episode, Matt shares one of the greatest energy drains in life: poorly formed good habits, and too many bad habits.

With some basic understanding on how habits are formed, we can use this information to quickly gain more energy in our life as well as expand our "energy bucket." This means in under three months, we can double and triple our energy levels, giving us more energy to pursue that which matters most in our lives.

Products/Services Mentioned In This Episode

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg - The best book on how habits work and how to cultivate good habits.
  • Omnifocus - The Task Management System I use every day to keep me laser like focused on that which matters most.
  • Momentum - A great application on the Mac and iOS to help motivate you to stay on track with your new habits.
  • Headspace - The meditation app (in my opinion) I love.

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YLR 003: Protecting Yourself From Wasting 500 Hours on This Growing Time Drain

This week's episode, I talk about how to save your bacon from the real threat of Identity Theft. Identity Theft has become so prevalent that it is no longer about the question about what happens "If" I become a victim of Identity Theft, but rather "when" I become a victim of Identity Theft.

I talk about the two things you need to do this week to keep you from wasting nearly 500 hours on recovering your identity:

  • Purchase Identity Theft Insurance, and preferable from Zander Insurance (click here). This insurance company will do all the heavy lifting for you. Have your Identity stollen the night before your dreamy vacation to Maui? Call Zander then forget about it, and head to Maui!
  • Purchase an application that can securely hold all your online accounts, and provide long, unique and difficult passwords for each account, diminishing the collateral damage if one of your online accounts were compromised.  Click here to an affiliate link that allows you to download 1password for the Mac/PC and here is a link for the iOS application. Highly recommended and this applications is Windows and Android compatible as well.

Life is too short to spending it on urgent and unimportant things like recovering your identity. By taking these small two steps, you now can rest in peace that if anything were to happen, the only effort you need to exert is dialing one number, allowing someone else to do the dirty work. Now go on with your day, and enjoy life. You're welcome!

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YLR 002: Busyness as a Disease

How many times in the past month have you responded to the question, "How are you doing" with "busy" or something like that? For some reason, we have embraced a culture that prizes busyness. The problem is that we are holding up in high esteem a type of living that is a disease. It destroys our health, relationships, and our capacity to know our very own selves.

In this episode, Matt discusses the real problem with busyness that most people overlook. There are many people who live very active lifestyles yet never equate "busyness" with their work. Rather, they are "living the dream." Matt takes us down a unique perspective that proposes that it is not the work that causes us to be busy, but rather our inability to experience life as we work that is the root of busyness, and thus the disease.

Symptoms that your life is busy either physically or mentally:

  • You feel isolated
  • You have an increased level of suspicion toward others.
  • You feel rejected.
  • You feel replaceable and unimportant.
  • You have higher levels of anxiety, insecurity, and worry.
  • You hide your true self from others often.

The Antidote:

  • Become aware of where exactly your busyness resides through a daily journal, reflecting on your activities and mental well being to see where you were not in the moment.
  • Schedule one activity per day for an hour that is an end to itself (i.e. exercising, meditating, prayer, meeting up with a friend with no agenda, hobbies, etc.).
  • Determine all the urgent unimportant things you are currently doing, finding ways to automate them, freeing you for more important activities.

  • DayOne for iOS and DayOne Mac App - The best journal application available! Makes journal easy and incredibly fun! Completely worth every penny.

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YLR 001: Pursuing the Art of Happiness

This episode discuss what currently prevents us from happiness, and how we live in an unprecedented time of change and options which further threatens our search for happiness. By embracing the four principles outlines in this show, you can begin experiencing happiness even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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YLR 000: What is This Podcast All About?

Welcome to the first podcast of Your Life Reconsidered. This is all about my approach to reconsidering your life for a more purposeful, intentional and stress free life. Want to have less stress in your life, allocating more time to what matters most? Then subscribe to this podcast ASAP.

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