Simplify Your Life! Let Technology Do the Work


Life is too short to be living the "life of busy."  Amidst the responsibilities of a full time job, dedicating time to my Living the Real community, waking up three times a night to rock my teething son to sleep, caring for my very pregnant wife with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry, it is easy to "come unraveled." If you are anything like me, you have found it challenging to remain committed to the important things of life while in the throes of obligations.

This guide, and Living the Real in general, is dedicated to the concretization of hope: Making one's greatness a real possibility by cultivating great habits through the strategic use of technological solutions. Technology will never save, but it can help us remain focused on what is most important in life, keeping us from entering into the "rat race."

What you will get from this guide:

  • Using a calendar in a way that puts you back in control of your life.
  • Using the principle of focus to accomplish great things rather than just things.
  • Using technology to quickly capture ideas of your own or others, making you a much more thoughtful person.
  • Achieve a continuous state of "inbox zero" with a couple easy tricks.

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