Digital Business Consulting

Working for a non-profit for the past 7.5 years has given me a great appreciation for both small businesses and non-profits.  The time and energy spent to maintain and grow both entities is an all-encompassing pursuit, leaving little room for some of the most critical  and practical questions. Questions like:

  • How do we keep track of who is doing what?
  • How best can we store information that can be accessible to all critical players?
  • How can we utilize technology so we can collaborate digitally and more effectively in general?
  • How do we best handle internal communication so that it does not get lost among the other channels of communication?
  • With overseeing so many people, it is difficult to followup on critical requests which leaves projects at risk. How can we ensure critical tasks are being followed through with?
  • We have great employees with great ideas. How can we better ensure these ideas are heard and recorded in such a way that we always have an abundance of ideas to pull from?

I have spent years working on and perfecting an inexpensive system for small businesses so they can work more effectively, freeing them from the frustrations of communication breakdown, collaboration failures, and resource mismanagement. With the frustrations behind, your business will be able to live more fully from its collective creative genius.  For a free consultation on how Living the Real Digital Business Consulting can help align your small business with its vision, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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