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Is Your Body Writing Checks You Aren't Willing to Cash? A Call To Sexual Integrity

Surprisingly, we live in an intimacy deprived culture. We have substituted true intimacy for the less vulnerable sexual encounter. Thinking this will quench the desire for intimacy, these sexual encounters become more frequent but with less and less fulfillment. Matt takes us on an experiential journey through an engaging and positive look at the language of the body and how true intimacy and sexual freedom come from a life lived in sexual truth and integrity. This is not your standard "sex is bad so just don't do it" approach. Fundamentally, Matt believes that only with a proper understanding of the beauty of sex can we begin to give sex it's passionate and proper place in marriage.


  • A greater understanding of the powerful language of body leading to the desire for chastity.
  • Understanding sex as being a sign communicating one's desire to be a complete and sincere gift to the other leading to the conviction to reserve sex for this specific truth.
  • Encouraging spouses to allow their sex life to become the motivation to live their entire spousal relationship through a sincere gift of self.

Intending Audience:

  • Roughly 16 Years of Age and Up