Read This First Before Making A New Year’s Resolution You Won’t Keep


Here’s a few shocking stats for you:

  • 62% of 319 million americans make some kind of new year’s resolution annually.
  • That means 198 million people set some kind of goal for the new year.
  • Out of those 198 million, only 8% achieve their goals.
  • That means 182 million people each year do not have their best year ever.
  • To be more specific, according to the top ten resolutions made for 2015, these 182 million remain: overweight, disorganized, financially indebted, too busy to enjoy life, sedentary, uneducated, addicted, uncharitable, loveless, and feeling disconnected from their families at the end of the year.

When the next New Year happens, what do we do then? We make the same resolution. We “rinse and repeat" for another four to five years until we finally feel too embarrassed to make the same resolutions again.

Stop the Insanity

Sound familiar? It sure does to me. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

I’m currently being inundated by emails and Facebook ads about how to get the most out of the upcoming New Year. These emails and ads are well-intended but I think many of their methods are flawed. They speak about creating better goals that are contagious, and more clearly defined. This is very important, but I believe it's putting the cart before the horse.

What I Learned About Goals In Graduate School

When I was in graduate school, I remember having a lot of information thrown at me class after class. Since my undergraduate studies were not in the same field as my graduate work , I did not have a proper frame for holding all the information. Needless to say, all that information went in one ear and out the other. I had no “place” or system for making sense of the information. I quickly purchased five or ten books to to create a frame as quickly as possible. I clearly remember the week when everything suddenly made sense, and I no longer had to work to make connections.

The Wrong Way To Approach Goals

Some great leaders are talking about “designing your life” this year. This is a great notion, but no amount of design is going to work unless you first have a frame. Like building a house, the interior design makes no sense unless the foundation and frame is clear.

One of the biggest reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail is because we get caught by the emotion of the tradition. The result is a failure to “count the cost” of making those changes. We forget to invest upfront, which would have paved a clearer and easier path for our declared goals.

What’s Your Frame

Creating clear, well defined goals is indispensable for a great year, but without a proper frame for them, what happens after we make them? We end up forcing our new goals into our existing habits which ends up feeling like hammering a square peg into a round hole. We either give up from exhaustion, or if we achieve anything, significant collateral damage occurs to other parts of our life.

This year can be different from previous years. We can be smarter about what we consider as goals for the New Year. We can pave a way of greater intentionality month after month, until we look back at the greatest year we have ever had. A year focused around what makes us thrive: self-care, relationships, and living from our own creative genius. If we do not do something significant, next year will be like every other year which is not the direction most of us want to go.

Let’s make this next year count! Join me in making this year your best year ever. You can do this in two quick and simple ways:

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The world needs you to be at your best! Don’t let it down. Be intentional . . . live more than you ever have in your life, in the real.