If you're like me, keeping up with email can feel like a 9-5 job.  If you have ever struggled with keeping up with responding to the most important emails first, remembering to reply to an email that you were not ready to respond to right away do to needing additional information, or following up with every important email you sent that received no response, then Sanebox is for you.  

Sanebox's power algorithm will find out which emails are important to you and which emails can wait for later, sending the less urgent emails to a separate folder to be viewed at your convenience. Now your inbox will only contain those emails that truly need your attention in timely fashion. Sanebox also offers the ability to "snooze" emails for later. Just send those emails you are not ready to respond to to a predefined reminder folder, and Sanebox will hide that email until the time you suggested, bringing the email back into your inbox as if it were a new message. Finally, Sanebox can remind you when emails you have sent have not been responded to, gently suggesting that you may want to followup.

These are just a few of the many powerful features I have come to rely on with Sanebox to keep my email communication sane and my life more living in the real. There is no risk so give Sanebox a try. Your free trial can begin today with absolutely no credit card required.