Omnifocus - The Ultimate Productivity Solution for the Apple Ecosystem


Working for a perennially understaffed non-profit, managing the chaos of raising Irish Twins with my beautiful wife, running and growing two solopreneur businesses all the while trying to maintain balance by ensuring the most important things in my life are given my greatest energy (i.e. my wife and family) requires me to have a system that can quickly turn chaos into strategic focus. This is where Omnifocus comes in.

Omnifocus diverges from the traditional outdated and urgency based priority based system, and is built around a much more dynamic GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) model. This model values context based task management that is organized around projects along with regularly scheduled reviews of all your actions so as to ensure the most important stuff in your life is being engaged.

I could not live without, and you will wonder how you managed without it once you try it.