1Password - For People Who Value Security and Privacy

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States.  When someone becomes a victim of identity theft, an average of 500 hours is needed to recover all that has been lost. Reduce the risk significantly by using a password generating application like 1Password.

1Password is a secure vault that holds all your online login information, keeping it secure by one very secure password that you create. This solves two fundamental problems:

  1. Using the same password for multiple accounts. By using the same password for multiple accounts, you allow hackers to have access to most of your private data. With 1Password, each account has a unique password, significantly reducing the amount of information criminals can obtain.
  2. Using an easily memorable password that is also easily hackable. Using 1Password eliminates this problem and makes each account incredibly hard to break since each account will have a unique and very long password that not even you could ever remember. 

If that were not enough, 1Password monitors all your online accounts. As soon as it gets word that a server/data center has been compromised, you will be notified to change your password immediately so as to prevent your information from getting into the hand so criminals.

I LOVE this application! The peace of mind alone is worth every penny!


If you're like me, keeping up with email can feel like a 9-5 job.  If you have ever struggled with keeping up with responding to the most important emails first, remembering to reply to an email that you were not ready to respond to right away do to needing additional information, or following up with every important email you sent that received no response, then Sanebox is for you.  

Sanebox's power algorithm will find out which emails are important to you and which emails can wait for later, sending the less urgent emails to a separate folder to be viewed at your convenience. Now your inbox will only contain those emails that truly need your attention in timely fashion. Sanebox also offers the ability to "snooze" emails for later. Just send those emails you are not ready to respond to to a predefined reminder folder, and Sanebox will hide that email until the time you suggested, bringing the email back into your inbox as if it were a new message. Finally, Sanebox can remind you when emails you have sent have not been responded to, gently suggesting that you may want to followup.

These are just a few of the many powerful features I have come to rely on with Sanebox to keep my email communication sane and my life more living in the real. There is no risk so give Sanebox a try. Your free trial can begin today with absolutely no credit card required.

Omnifocus - The Ultimate Productivity Solution for the Apple Ecosystem


Working for a perennially understaffed non-profit, managing the chaos of raising Irish Twins with my beautiful wife, running and growing two solopreneur businesses all the while trying to maintain balance by ensuring the most important things in my life are given my greatest energy (i.e. my wife and family) requires me to have a system that can quickly turn chaos into strategic focus. This is where Omnifocus comes in.

Omnifocus diverges from the traditional outdated and urgency based priority based system, and is built around a much more dynamic GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) model. This model values context based task management that is organized around projects along with regularly scheduled reviews of all your actions so as to ensure the most important stuff in your life is being engaged.

I could not live without, and you will wonder how you managed without it once you try it.

Evernote - My External Memory for Everything

If Omnifocus is my central system for all things actionable, Evernote is my central system for all things informational. With nearly 9,000 notes and counting, Evernote holds everything I could ever need for a future actionable item. Whether it is a receipt I need to make a return/exchange, a movie/book/restaurant/music/wine recommendation, a gift idea for a family or friend, or retrieving some creative stroke of genius I had months ago that I now want to act upon, it is all accessible within a couple keystrokes whether I'm in front of my computer, or on the go with my smartphone.