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About Matt

Hey, I’m Matt Boettger and thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to learn a little about me and what I’m about. I am a teacher, speaker, and writer with a passion for helping people (particularly college students in my day job) gain perspective, purpose, and a plan for their lives. While I can never add hours to your day, I can promise a way to be more effective with the hours you do have, leaving you more energized through purposeful work, and the allusion of having extra hours by offering time saving tips. So, start thinking about how you are going to spend the hours reclaimed (finally!). The more time we spend together, the more time you’ll have for friends, family, vacations, hobbies, or just starring at a wall for hours at a time. Whatever floats your boat!

How I can Help You

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Most other “organization sites” want to help you by immediately plunging you into a particular system so you can gain control over your life. The problem is that systems are only as good as the person using them. No system is going to make you live a more ordered and purposeful life. In the end, our “system of choice” will simply reflect the way we approach life. If our mind, heart, relationships, and environment are messy and chaotic, so will be our organizational system. I help motivated individuals substantially improve the quality of their lives by offering creative reconsiderations of how to approach life, love, leisure, and labor resulting in a life with more space to do what matters most.

What I Blog About

Working with college students, for more than eight years, has revealed an important element in helping individuals live the most intentional, purposeful, and creative lives possible: structure. In a world riddled with change, clearly defined steps are the key to one’s own greatest opportunity for success and growth.

To that end, I write on the ordered life, the essential life, and the organized life:

  • The Ordered Life: These writings speak about the foundational importance to live a life of permanence, discovery, gratitude, and generosity. Only when we have begun to embrace these four principles, do we have the greatest opportunity for real growth in our own lives, opening the door to discovering our greatest potential.
  • The Essential Life: These writings address the tendency to live busy but ineffective lives. Once the pursuit of order becomes a daily routine, the potential to live a more essential life becomes a real possibility. This is a life stripped of all things unessential, pursuing a more intentional life by not feeling the burden to be “all things to all people.” If you feel as if you are doing more than you have every done before but feel as if you have made no real progress in life (however you define that), then these writings are for you and will be tremendously transformative.
  • The Organized Life: Where most people begin, I end. If we are actively and routinely engaging the principles of an ordered life, have spent the time and energy discovering what are the real essentials in our life, then we are ready to approach the organized life most effectively. The purpose of the organized life is to create a system of triggers that work for you ONLY triggering those things that are essential, leaving the unessential items safely archived but in a place that never distracts from the essential life. Whether you are currently using a system or have never used one before, these writings will save you hundreds of hours a year through exceptional focus.

For more information about these particular topics, please visit my start page.

My goal is to offer content that provides the greatest impact on your life with immediate results. The insights, practices, and tips will not only impact the area of your concern, but will also have a natural impact on every other area of your life in a positive way. If you are the type of person who is always trying to become the best version of yourself, then this blog is for you!

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A Little More About Me

If you interviewed my parents about me, I guess they would tell you a handful of particularly unique things about my childhood: 1. That at a very early age, I would get out a piece of paper and pen and map out my day hour-by-hour to ensure I maximized my opportunities for the day.

  1. That I would look through all my possessions, discovering anything that might be of value in hopes that I could make some money from it. Of course, I did this only to spend the money immediately on the next shiny thing. I’m not sure if this highlights my entrepreneurial spirit or exposes my material nature…

  2. My adolescent years were definitively marked by my desire to give the most precise times for when I would arrive to things. Nearly always I would say things like, “I’ll be there in about seven minutes,” or “See you in about thirteen minutes.” My rationale was that I had remembered being there once in six minutes and another time in eight minutes, so I would just average them and say “seven minute.” Looking back, I think it was kind of funny but I don’t think anyone thought it funny or cute at the time…

  3. One of the most awkward and random stories comes from when I was very, very young. The story apparently goes like this: My sister came up to me in the front yard and told me that one of her friends was coming over to visit me and I responded, “See me, see me”? From that moment on, I went by the name “Seeme” for next year or so. I have no idea…don’t ask.

  4. Oh, and I called my dad “mom” for a very long time…my bad.

Well, I’ve done some growing up, and now call my dad, “dad” which is great news. I also use my legal name “Matt” or “Matthew” now so hopefully no more confusion there. Because of adolescent and university years of mockery, I now round up like everyone else and say I will be there in fifteen or twenty minutes (even though I still think thirteen and seventeen minutes in my head). Other than that, everything roughly remains the same. I love making the most of my day and if I could get up regularly at 4am to start my day, I would love it.

You may ask why I don’t get up at 4am. Well, I kind of do. I’m married to a beautiful and exceptionally empathic woman, and we are both blessed to have a son Kieran Elijah born to us on Christmas Day of all days 12/25/2014 and one of the unique characteristics (besides being the most energetic and happiest baby around) is that he prefers not to sleep at night. So, Daddy gets up about five or six times a night to have bonding time with his son which leaves, at the moment, little room for anything else.

In my free time (when I have it), I enjoy reading, running, and having great discussions with friends over a great glass of wine or bourbon. I am also an active parishioner at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Getting Connected with Me

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